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About LeadPro of Long Island Members Area

About LeadPro of Long Island

The primary focus of Leadpro is to build value for our members. Our vision is to serve as a strategic referral and resource network for professionals on Long Island. By coming together as professionals we can help ensure better integration of services for our clients, helping them sort through their needs and options. As a result, members will be better positioned to solve their clients’ business issues.

Our members are people and companies that have demonstrated their capabilities and who have services that we believe to be valuable. They deliver a quality product or service with the client’s satisfaction in mind and they stand behind their word.

At each meeting, every member has the opportunity to discuss their “wish list”, describing who their ideal lead is, and how other members can best help them.

Why Leadpro?

Leadpro business networking is all about the quality of your relationships - trust and rapport, give and take, mutual win/win. The real value of a business network can only be developed over the long term and should therefore be nurtured with good intention. In the end, successful transactions are the result of solid relationships.

Leadpro is industry exclusive, so there is no competition within the group. This enables us to act as strategic resources for one another, enhancing the services we can offer our clients.

Leadpro members enjoy these benefits:

  • Networking with talented people and expanding their network
  • Showcase for their business or organization
  • Sharing useful ideas, tips and insights
  • Inclusion in the Leadpro Member Directory

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LeadPro of Long Island - Members Area
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